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Global Round Ups  - 22.07.2019

Farewell to Draghi, and Welcome Lagarde

Every beginning has an end, and the tenure at the helm of the European Central Bank is no different. From taking the baton back in 2011, from the former ECB president Jean Claude Trichet, to handing it over later this year to the new ECB head Christine Lagarde, the reign of Mario Draghi has been one of the most charged and tumultuous periods in unconventional central bank policy. His term will certainly go down in future economics texts, which will be revisited over and over again. The saga of the European Union, is however far from over, and the in-tray for the incoming ECB president will present challenges of existential nature for this institution.

In evaluating the legacy of Mr. Draghi, one of the most important developments was the emergence of the ECB’s consensus. The role of the central bank, is not only to implement policy, but also to convince the markets of its ability to make true on its promises. In this regard, the ECB, has become similar to the US Fed. This can be seen in the importance given to policy meetings and announcements and the market reaction in this respect.

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