Your Security

Have you protected yourself and your family against money worries in the event of redundancy, illness or premature death?

At Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited Ltd, we can help you decide which options best suit your circumstances in preparation for unforeseen events such as these. We offer an integrated approach to ensure that all aspects of your financial affairs are considered in the round. Our advisers aim to develop with you a sound financial plan that is, and should remain, both flexible and appropriate to your circumstances.

We offer a comprehensive range of services which:

  • Protect your dependents should you die
  • Make sure you are financially protected if the person you depend on dies
  • Safeguard your income and make sure you have enough to live on should you fall ill or be made redundant
  • Ensure that your mortgage / home loan payments are covered in the event of sickness or redundancy
  • Make sure you pass as much wealth on to your dependents as possible - and in the way you wish
  • Insure your business against employee injury or death at work 

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